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  • Lobby Hours for check-in and check-out
    Monday-Friday: 9am - 6pm
    Saturday 9am - 4pm
    Sunday 1pm - 4 pm



    There are no check-ins or check-outs on major holidays.
    Our front office is closed and our phone is not answered on major holidays.

  • Please Note

    Before guest's date of arrival, the Lodge must receive current (within one year) vaccination records. You can have these records faxed to us by your Veterinarian at (865) 777-9780. We will honor Rabies requirements in the county or state in which the pet resides.

    Required Vaccinations

    Rabies - Canine Combination Booster - Canine Influenza, Bivalent - Bordetella, Intranasal required every 6 months

    Rabies and Feline Combination Booster

  • Medical Information

  • Oral and topical medications will be given to our guests at no additional charge.

    Please Note

    We require that you bring all prescription medications in the container issued by your Veterinarian.

    Please bring adequate medication for your pet's stay. If we run out of medication we will charge $20 for picking up additional medication from your Veterinarian. We request that food be brought to the Lodge in a rigid, airtight container with a tight fitting lid. Please mark the container with guest's name (first and last). Please bring adequate food for the duration of your pet's visit. In addition to the cost of the food, we will charge $20 for picking up additional food if your pet runs out and cannot eat our diet.

    Cancellation Policy

    All reservations must be guaranteed on a credit card. If the reservation is not cancelled the equivalent of one night's boarding will be charged to the credit card. DKL requires a "three night minimum charge" during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Please Note

    Dream Katcher Lodge reserves the right to refuse to accept pets lacking required vaccinations and/or pets displaying signs of illness, parasites or aggressive behavior.

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