Thirty years or so ago, I wrote the following in the Village Veterinary Clinic quarterly newsletter:

“Those of you who know me well know that I have a very special bond and concern for older animals.  Perhaps this is due in part to the fact that the “old ladies” and “old men” whom I am privileged to know through this practice remind me of my own Shufi and Shari, who were part of our family for 13 and 15 years, respectively.

There is so much dignity, so much love that is woven into the day-to-day relationship between a human and a dog or cat.  And yes, that relationship is special when the pet is a puppy or a kitten.  But after sharing 9, 11, 15, or 20+ years, the relationship transcends that of human-animal.  For my husband and me, Shufi andShari were truly ‘our children’.”

That bond and concern still exists, and provided the basis for much of the design of Dream Katcher Lodge.  There are no steps that older dogs must go up and down; floors of each suite provide surface traction for ease of movement.  Temperatures are moderated for maximum comfort, all seasons of the year.  And our “Kuddlers”, in addition to extensive training, have the love and patience that are required to care for each guest, no matter what their age.

Training, love, concern, and patience in a comfortable environment … that is the boarding experience at Dream Katcher Lodge.

Dr. Mili Bass, Owner, Dream Katcher Lodge